3-Layer Height Increase Elevator Shoe Insoles Lift Kit Up 6 cm (2.4
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  • INCREASED HEIGHT - These height increase insoles will increase your height by up to 6cm or 2.4" instantly and secretly. Insert into any of your existing sports, formal or casual shoes and look taller right away. As these are concealed, it will be impossible for anyone to about your increased height.
  • 1 PAIR - Each order includes one pair of durable, breathable and ergonomic designed heel lifts which includes an air pocket for comfort and also a surface with a textured finish to prevent foot slip.
  • ADJUSTABLE - These heel lifts have three layers, each being individually removable to suit your desired height increase at three optional heights
  • COMFORT - These are specially designed to wrap around the shape of your foot heel and arch making them incredibly comfortable.
  • SIZE- Between approximately, UK 3-10

✔ Increase height instantly

✔ Comfortable

✔ Concealed and discreet

✔ Air pocket for shock absorption

✔ Breathable layer


These insoles can be trimmed with scissors for size adjustment, to fit men, women or children. The item is suitable for shoe size between UK3-UK10 approximately


Extremely durable and heavily tested.


We accept returns, not that you will be, as you will never look back after trying these shoe lifts.