Forefoot Metatarsal Pads for Women and Men - 2 pair 4 Half Toe Bunion Sleeves with Gel Ball Sole Pads Cushion for Metatarsalgia Pain Relief, Diabetic Foot, Mortons Neuroma, Calluses, Blisters Supports
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  • BENEFITS - our foot cushions are innovative, flexible, durable. Metatarsal pads fit comfortably inside a variety of shoes, including open toe heels. These pad cushions offer more comfort, support, and reliability across the entire forefoot
  • PROVED EFFECTIVE - The metatarsal pads for women and men adapt to the size and shape of your feet. They protect the fragile sesamoid and metatarsals from further damage. These foot cushions alleviate pain caused by calluses, bunions, corns, Mortons neuromas
  • COMFORTABLE & EASY TO USE - Our metatarsal foot pads are sweat absorbing and skin-friendly metatarsal sleeves used for better-cushioning stretch over the forefoot. They offer you comfort and relieve pressure on the ball of your foot. Metatarsal sleeve pads eliminate burning feet, bruises on the feet and pain in the forefoot, distributing shock absorption when you lead an active lifestyle - walk, run or stand for a long time
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - our soft metatarsal gel sleeves are washable & reusable. The pads are made of high elasticity, extra stretchy, high-quality gel material for superior cushioning, and are intended for the best comfort and optimal cushioning of your forefoot
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - we want you to be happy with your forefoot metatarsal pads! If the soft foot pad does not work for you for any reason, you may return them for a full refund. BUY NOW SAFELY!