Orthotic Leather Insoles for Metatarsalgia Forefoot Pain, Orthopedic Full Length Shoe Inserts for Men and Women, Kaps Master
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  • FOR METATARSALGIA: We know how painful and annoying metatarsalgia can be. That is why we have carefully crafted Kaps Master Insoles so that you are not alone dealing with it.
  • ORTHOTIC: Kaps Master are orthotic insoles that help cure metatarsalgia - pain in the front part of your foot under the heads of your metatarsal bones and the ball of your foot.
  • ARCH SUPPORT: Metatarsal arch supports have beneficial effect on the spread of pressure in the front part of the foot.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Made of flexible arch supports, latex foam with active carbon to effectively absorb unpleasant smells and sheep leather, which has beneficial hygienic properties to absorb sweat easily.
  • LEGACY: Manufactured in Europe by a family business with decades of years of experience manufacturing insoles – acclaimed by podiatrist all over the globe.